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Toronto Zoo expert helps give fish on brink of extinction another chance | Toronto Star

This story has a positive spin to it. It was last-ditch effort to save a dying kind. Late last year, only three Mangarahara cichlids were known to exist. The fish were all males, living out the last days of their species in aquariums. An earlier attempt to breed a pair at the Berlin Zoo resulted in the male killing the female, marking a likely end to the tropical fish native to Madagascar. Aquarists with the […]

Europe’s largest carnivorous dinosaur discovered in Portugal – National Paeleontology |

This looks a particularly interesting website, especially if you’re into Dinosaurs! There’s a video too, but unfortunately you’ll have to wait for the ad to finish before you can watch it. It’s worth the wait. You’ll also find some other videos on that website which I’m sure you’ll enjoy as well.  The largest carnivorous dinosaur ever found on the European continent was reported by Christophe Hendrickx and Octávio Mateus of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa […]

New species of tiny crocodile that roamed Earth 126m years ago discovered | Mail Online

New species of tiny crocodile that roamed Earth 126 million years ago discovered Two fragments of crocodile fossils were found by two different collectors and led to the discovery of the ancient button-toothed crocodile Archaeologists said its teeth are unique and were used to crush mollusc shells and other invertebrates with tough outer coatings The ancient animal is thought to have been around 2ft long from nose to tail and walked with dinosaurs on what […]

Collapsible woven refugee shelters powered by the sun | Green Prophet

This article is not about animals, but it is about people and it is worth posting here to show how creative humans can be when required. I feel it falls within the category of ‘learning about your world’. This is a wonderful example of finding an affordable, sustainable solution for one of humanity’s great looming crisis – dignified housing for displaced people. More than 40 million people worldwide have been displaced from their homes and […]

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