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New Horned Lizard Species Found in Southern Mexico – Press Release – Digital Journal

Click on the link below to finish reading this article. Lawrence, KS (PRWEB) May 14, 2014 Herpetologica – An article published in the current issue of the journal Herpetologica describes a new horned lizard species that lives in Mexico. Body size, tail length, and scale texture and layout distinguish this new species, which the authors propose naming Phrynosoma sherbrookei. There are 16 recognized horned lizard species, spreading from Canada to Guatemala. Only four species have […]

Children march for the animals affected by East West Link | Green Left Weekly

This protest was based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It’s good to see that people are speaking up on behalf of those who do not have a voice.   Protesters were more imaginative than usual with slogans for the Children’s March for the Animals to Melbourne Zoo on May 4. They were protesting against the $8 billion road project known as the East West Link because of the impact it would have on animals that live […]

Bumblebee Bummer: This Native Bee Is Facing Extinction | TakePart

This article comes from a website called ‘’ and was written by By Willy Blackmore. Click on the link below to read more of his article.   When you’re a kid spending a lot of time outside—climbing trees, trudging through creeks, lying in open fields—it doesn’t take long to learn the hierocracy of bees. There are the speedy wasps with their dangling legs, to be avoided at all costs; the slightly less threatening (but no more lovely […]

To Hades and Back: Here Be (No) Dragons | Expeditions, Scientific American Blog Network

ABOARD THE R/V THOMAS G. THOMPSON—Everything is out of the water and on deck. The bio lab is quiet and the cold room is empty, save for the samples that have to remain at hadal temperatures for our transit to port. For the next 900 miles and four days, we steam north-northeast to Apia, Samoa, following the line of the Kermadec-Tonga Trench almost all the way. It seems almost laughable that our tiny transects at […]

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