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Careless Handling Damages London’s Priceless Dinosaur Fossils

Careless employees and tourists are ruining priceless exhibits at the Natural Museum, including dinosaur fossils and bones of endangered species, a Freedom of Information request has revealed. Despite having survived the millions of years since the extinction of the dinosaurs, several bones have been destroyed by hapless visitors to the famous museum, which houses an iconic exhibit of a Diplodocus carnegii dinosaur skeleton in its main central hall. The exhibits that needed repairs included a […]

Fighting back against feral cat invasion – Bush Telegraph – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Australia has the worst rate of animal extinction in the world, and a new study shows it’s getting worse. A three-year national review has found that Australia’s mammal extinction rate is higher than previously thought, and will increase rapidly unless there’s a plan to protect all native species. The Action Plan for Australian Mammals draws on the contributions of more than 200 experts. It found that more than 10 per cent of the country’s endemic […]

Early Dogs Helped Humans Hunt Mammoths : Discovery News

Early dogs may have helped human hunters track and kill mammoths in Ice Age Europe and Asia. The fierce dogs may have then guarded the meat from their wolf relatives. Penn State archeologist Pat Shipman recently calculated that the age ranges of mammoths found in these ancient boneyards suggest that the animals were hunted, not just scavenged after a catastrophe killed an entire herd. Shipman suggested that the domestication of wolves, along with improvements in projectile […]

New technologies key to averting massive wave of extinctions

The Earth’s biosphere is undergoing a wave of extinctions on par with the ending of the age of dinosaurs. The massive loss of biodiversity is primarily due to human activity, specifically the expansion and intensification of human land use, and further extinctions are imminent without immediate action, according to a new global assessment by a multidisciplinary, international team of scientists. The findings are a benchmark and a warning, as well as a call to action […]

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