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What Carpenter Ants Look Like and How to Get Rid of Them

This is curated content from which is obviously a pest control company. I’ve decided to include this link as I feel it is important to know how to deal with Nature when the balance is upset – when the natural world invades our human habitation – our homes! Obviously there is a place for insects – but that’s not in our personal dwelling space. This site has some interesting educational information about the carpenter ant, […]

Ahead of U.N. Climate Summit, ‘Racing Extinction’ Eyes Change – Speakeasy – WSJ

As the United Nations gears up for today’s climate summit , celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Sting and Al Gore—along with hundreds of thousands of protesters —have called attention to the environment. But while the People’s Climate March  and yesterday’s Flood Wall Street demonstrated their strength in numbers, a different campaign was on view at the U.N. headquarters Saturday night. From about 7:45 p.m. to 11 p.m., pedestrians walking near East 42nd Street saw images of endangered species, […]

Collaborating on sage grouse extinction

An icon of our western landscape – the magical, beautiful greater sage grouse – is in trouble. As pressure mounts on the oil and ranching industries to protect this great bird and the landscape it inhabits, some are arguing that collaboration – not the law and not the science – is the solution. Last week’s opinion piece by Ross Lane of Western Values Project (Sept. 9) declares the Montana sage grouse plan a spectacular success, […]

Radio Prague – Dvůr Králové Zoo spearheading international efforts to save northern white rhino from extinction

Click the link below to read the full article, which I am sure you will find very interesting. Zoos in a number of European countries burned rhino horns on Sunday on the eve of World Rhino Day, in order to highlight the plight of the endangered species. Dvůr Králové Zoo, which has for years spearheaded international efforts to save the northern white rhino from extinction was among them. I spoke to Jan Stejskal, in situ […]

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