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Nothosaurus zhangi fossil could be evidence more species survived the ‘Great Dying’ | Daily Mail Online

Does this 247-million-year-old giant sea dragon fossil prove more species survived the cataclysmic ‘Great Dying’ extinction? Fossil named Nothosaurus zhangi was found in China in 2008 Is 22-feet-long and is described as having fang-like teeth Suggests species could have survived more widely following the extinction ‘The Great Dying’ wiped out 96 per cent of all species World’s remaining animals said to have evolved from those who survived The fossil of a 247-million-year-old giant sea dragon […]

Sable Island horses may face extinction, Parks Canada report warns – Politics – CBC News

Excessive inbreeding, a tiny population and extreme weather linked to global warming all pose risks of extinction to the fabled horses of Sable Island ­– a fate many ecologists would welcome as the removal of an invasive species. Those are among the findings in a scientific report ordered by Parks Canada, the newly appointed custodian of the historic sand crescent that lies about 175 kilometres off the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. The herd, left […]

Conservationists Call on Mexico to Save Vaquita

MEXICO CITY— On the day before Mexico’s National Day of Conservation, conservation groups are calling on the Mexican government to enact forceful protective measures to save the critically endangered vaquita, a tiny porpoise species that only inhabits the upper Gulf of California. With fewer than 100 vaquita left and the porpoise’s extinction predicted by 2018, urgent action — including the prohibition of gillnetting throughout its full range — is essential to save this species. In […]

Red-cockaded woodpecker recovery success: Thankful for endangered species.

Humans are really good at killing things. We always have been; it’s kind of what we do. The fossil record shows that whenever humans reached a new landmass for the first time, we slaughtered everything that couldn’t get away. Any large, juicy, poorly defended species went extinct about two weeks, geologically speaking, after Homo sapiens washed up on their shores. In Europe, we wiped out woolly mammoths and cave bears. In Australia, giant kangaroos and […]

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