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5 major threats to biodiversity, and how we can help curb them

By Matt Petronzio | May 24, 2015 The fewer animals we have, the fewer humans we will have. That’s why biodiversity is important. The wide variety of species on Earth, whether they’re plants, animals or microscopic organisms, are vital to keep the world’s many ecosystems healthy, balanced and thriving — growing plants we can eat, trees we can shade under, and landscapes to use for everything from vacations to computer screensavers. In other words, biodiversity […]

Officials to Create ‘Butterfly Highway’ to Save Species | Ecorazzi

By Natalia Lima |May 22, 2015 A lot of people drive daily on I-35 and soon they might be sharing the road with some unusual commuters: Monarch butterflies. The Fish and Wildlife Service has announced it wants to build a highway-side corridor for Monarch butterflies in an effort to save the species from possible extinction. The plan is to line I-35, the highway that extends from Mexico to Minnesota, with milkweed, the Monarch’s preferred plant […]

Nebraska zoos integral to global conservation efforts |

By Ryan Robertson, Producer/Reporter, NET News | May 22, 2015 It’s believed there are more than eight and a half million species of life on earth. On average, around 200 of those go extinct every 24 hours. Scientists from two Nebraska zoos say that loss of life is unacceptable. While on a field trip from school, about a dozen first grade students gathered around the Matschie’s tree kangaroo exhibit at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. It […]

We are responsible | theSundaily

By Preetha Sankar | May 18, 2015 ON April 22, the world celebrated Earth Day. In 2010, in perhaps the biggest government-led campaign launched in conjunction with Earth Day, the Malaysian government announced grand ambitions to plant 26 million trees by 2014, symbolising one tree for every Malaysian. I can’t tell you if those ambitions were met but a considerable number of trees were indeed planted. The history of the Earth Day celebrations can be […]

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