Monthly Blog Archives: July 2015

‘Rewilding’ may rescue vulnerable Australian animals – BBC News

By Phil Mercer, BBC News, Sydney | July 10, 2015   Around the world, natural environments are being “rewilded” with native animals once banished by habitat destruction and pests. Australia has joined the trend. In 1841, the Western Quoll officially disappeared in New South Wales (NSW). Once found across almost three-quarters of Australia, a devastating loss of habitat and relentless attacks by feral cats and foxes saw it retreat to a few areas in Western […]

Cost-effective conservation helps species bounce back

From | July 8, 2015 Researchers have developed a way to help ecosystems bounce back after human disturbances such as shipping, oil exploration or fishing, and have applied it to a coral reef fish species. The method helps conservation managers create a cost-effective plan to bring species back from the brink of extinction in a local area, by building connections with the same species in nearby locations. “The world is subject to nasty surprises, […]

Scientists rush to freeze plant DNA before ‘sixth extinction’ – BBC News

By Jane O’Brien, BBC News, Washington | July 9, 2015 As the world enters into a sixth great extinction, scientists are racing against the clock to save genetic evidence from plants around the world. An ambitious project launched Wednesday to collect the genomes of the planet’s major plant groups within the next two years and put them into deep freeze. The project is part of the Global Genome Initiative, which aims to gather and preserve […]

Jurassic bark : Nature Plants

From | July 7, 2015 The subject of extinction and de-extinction are much in the news at the moment, but discussions tend to focus on the loss or resurrection of charismatic animals like tigers or tyrannosaurs. Where is the talk of the plant species that have been lost and that might be worth bringing back? Last month saw Jurassic World break box office records across the globe. Like the previous three films in the […]

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