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Why we shouldn’t close zoos and aquariums

By Charles Hermesmann, Northern Burlington Regional High School | August 30, 2015 Recently, I had the opportunity to watch the 2013 documentary “Blackfish” for the first time. While I had watched a short clip during a school presentation given by a classmate over a year ago, viewing the film in its entirety brought on an even more powerful message. “Blackfish” raises questions dealing with SeaWorld, the company that owns several marine animal-themed amusement parks and […]

Megalodon shark tooth discovered in Croatia

By Hannah Osborne | August 28, 2015 A megalodon shark tooth has been discovered in Croatia along the banks of the Kupa river. Pictures of the prehistoric monster shark’s tooth show it is about the size of a man’s palm. Stjepan Sucec had been searching for shells when he came across the tooth near about 60 km from the capital Zagreb. Geologist Drazen Japundzic from the Natural History Museum in Zagreb later confirmed it is […]

While scientists squabble, Africa’s only penguins at risk of extinction as weakened birds abandon chicks | National Post

By Courtney Quirin, The Associated Press | August 27, 2015 CAPE TOWN, South Africa — They’re cute, knee-high, they bray like donkeys and are a tourist attraction near Cape Town. But African Penguins — the continent’s only species of the flightless bird — are at risk of extinction. As shoals of anchovies and sardines have migrated south into cooler waters, the population of African Penguins that feeds on the fish has plummeted by 90 per […]

Comeback of the century: The California sea otter’s return from the brink of extinction

By Kimberly Truong | August 27, 2015 Some 50 years ago, California’s Monterey Bay was missing a key element that makes its kelp forests function: the sea otter. Now, however, everyone’s favorite aquatic weasel has made a comeback, and they’re here to regulate the environment. Starting August 31, PBS and BBC are exploring that environment in Big Blue Live, a three-day live stream showcasing marine life in the Monterey Bay — an ecosystem that might […]

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