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California Proposes Largest Wildlife Overpass Over Los Angeles 101 Freeway For Animals

From | September 5, 2015 Every year, it is estimated that up to one percent of animals go extinct every year. Putting aside that about 10,000 new animal species are discovered per year, one percent of the total number of animal species alive is about 2,000. Ergo, up to 2,000 species disappear forever every single year. To help prevent further extinction of animal species, we have designated portions of land to become wildlife reserves, […]

World’s most endangered big cat may be on the rebound 

By Emily J. Gertz, TakePart | September 1, 2015 The number of Amur leopards has more than doubled since hitting a low in 2007, researchers in Russia and China say. An extremely rare spotted cat could be stepping back from the brink of extinction. The Amur leopard appears to have doubled its wild population in the past several years from fewer than 40 adults in 2007 to 80 or more in 2014 and repopulated some of its historic […]

Five near-blind monk seals become ambassadors for vanishing species | Environment | The Guardian

By Jeremy Hance | August 31, 2015 The Hawaiians call their monk seals ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua or “the dog that runs in rough water,” but when I see my first one, I think: whoa, that’s more like a bear. And indeed, a female Hawaiian monk seal weighs up to 240 kilograms – about the size of a Eurasian brown bear. Although the Hawaiian monk seals are clearly powerful, hefty animals – twice as heavy as an English […]

What the animal world would look like if humans never existed

By Walt Bonner | August 31, 2015 If humans never existed, lions, saber–tooth tigers, 330–pound beavers and house-sized armadillos would be walking around Texas right now. A new study from researchers at Aarhus University demonstrates what the world would look like for mammals if the most destructive super predator of them all — Homo sapiens — had never been around. The study was born out of the team’s previous research, which found that a lot of […]

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