Monthly Blog Archives: December 2015

Discovery of Giant Wasp Opens Window to Ancient Forests

From | November 30, 2015 No one was more surprised by Bruce Archibald’s discovery than Dr. Bruce Archibald when he discovered a flawlessly preserved 53-million-year-old species of giant horntail wood wasp. He found the wasp embedded in a rock he’d broken open while out searching for insects in the McAbee Fossil Beds, located in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada. Almost as frightening as the new species’ gigantic size, almost three inches (seven […]

The secrets of Russia’s Sea of Okhotsk – nearly 500 species discovered 

By Svetlana Arkhangelskaya, Special to RBTH | November 30, 2015 In the summer of 2015 almost 500 previously unknown ocean species were discovered in the Kuril Basin that is part of the Sea of Okhotsk in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. Scientists from Russia, Germany, Japan, Spain, and other countries took part in the SokhoBio expedition that made these sensational discoveries. In an exclusive, RBTH reports the preliminary results. Scientists previously thought that deep-water life in […]

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