About : Bees







National Geographic – Bee in Amber

Science.How StuffWorks.com – How Bees Work

BuzzAboutBees.com – Bees Are Amazing – great site with lots of information

Softpedia.com-news -The Origin of Honey Bees

NASA-ClimateKids – great site

Learn About Nature – Different Types of Bees

HowStuffWorks.com  – Another site with information about the different types of bees

Pest World for Kids – Bees

TheBeeHunter.com – this is a pest site but has some very interesting information

Insects – great site – lots of information for kids

Wikipedia-Honey Bee  – another great resource


Clever queen bumble bees – Sir David Attenborough’s Life in the Undergrowth – BBC wildlife

Peter Nelson : Dance of the Honey Bee – narrated by Bill McKibben – 6 mins long

NATURE: Silence of the Bees:Inside the Hive – 2.42 mins long

High Speed view of Life inside the Beehive – 1.59 mins long. This video shows in you the construction of the honeycomb inside a man-made bee hive, in fast motion.

The buzz about pesticides – by Nature Video – 3.42 mins long. This is a great educational video about the dangers of pesticides in relation to the health of bees – and what that may mean for us.

Organic Pest Control – Natural Bug and Insect Repellents.


Giant Honey Bees – Life in the Undergrowth – BBC Attenborough – 4.49 mins long

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