Learn About Your World – Arthropod Series – Book 2 (Nature – Arthropod Series)

For a short period, this book will be priced at .99c. Normal price is $3.49. Learn about the wonderful world of bees in this book series about Arthropods. They can teach us a lot. From them, we can learn about co-operation and team work. About adaptation and survival. About being resourceful.
Bees play a very important role in pollination. Without the aid of bees and other pollinating insects, humans would have great difficulty in producing food crops.
The aim of this book series is to encourage children to learn about the world around them and to have fun in the process. There is a lot to learn about the role Nature’s helpers play and thankfully there are many resources available to us now to broaden our knowledge of their world and ours. For more information, visit

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