Learn About Your World – Arthropod Series Book 5 (Nature – Arthropod Series)

Introductory price of .99c for a short time. Normal price is $3.49. As with the previous 4 books in the LearnAboutYourWorld book series, when you purchase this book you will be getting two books in one.
Your young children will love listening to you read the story of three young dragonfly brothers as they go about their daily activities.
The book also provides more factual information about dragonflies and damselflies and the important role they play in maintaining a balanced ecology.
The aim of this book (as with all the books in this series) is to encourage children to learn about the world around them and to have fun in the process. This book (together with the website: http://learnaboutyourworld.com) provides links to websites for even more information. You will find plenty of information to keep you all entertained.

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