The Heavenly Bodies: Learn About Your World – Science Series – Book One

Learn About Your World Book Series – The Heavenly Bodies – Outer Space
Thank you for your interest in my books.
This book has deviated from my original intention for the “Learn About Your World Book Series” which came about due to my interest in the current debate about the effects (or not) that humans are having on our Planet. The series was originally going to focus on Nature.
So many “experts” have forceful and divergent opinions on the state of our planet: whether or not the current issues are cyclical and therefore not connected to the activity of humans, the effect of “fracking” in connection with coal seam gas mining or the effect carbon emissions are having on the climate, just to name a few issues confronting us. There is so much confusion that it’s no wonder some people are inclined to switch off to the whole discussion.
Regardless of the “why” it is apparent that our “Home” is experiencing changes and facing issues that we, in our life times, have not seen before. I don’t really think the question should be “who?” “what?” or “why?” but should be more focused on “what can we do?”
Knowledge is power and so I was motivated to create the initial series of books about Nature because I feel it is very important for future generations to understand the essential role that all creatures (great and small) play in keeping our planet healthy. There is an underlying symbiotic relationship built into the natural design, which is being disrupted – the cause of which can be debated, but not the result.
If future generations can learn to respect all life forms and their roles in maintaining the natural balance, then it won’t only be Nature that benefits – humans also depend on the balance being maintained.
It is in our own interests that we protect our Planet from unnecessary pressures. Einstein’s quote says it so perfectly: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein. We are smarter than that.
“Outer Space” is a deviation from my original intention, however it is still educating children about the world around them. I have created a separate website for Outer Space at www.TheHeavenlyBodies.com where you will find articles on space and astronomy, together with a selection of books from other authors that I feel you may also like.
Thanks again for taking the time to investigate this series. I hope to see you at www.LearnAboutYourWorld.com (Nature) or www.TheHeavenlyBodies.com (Science)

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