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Learn About Your World – Arthropod Series Book 3 (Nature – Arthropod Series)

Quick note: ‘Butterflies’ has been reduced to .99c for a short time. Normal purchase price is $3.49. This book about Butterflies is number four in a series of 12 published by “”. They have been written with the intention of appealing to children and adults alike who are keen to learn about the world around them. All of the books have a short adventure story designed to entertain and educate and there is further educational…


Learn About Your World – Arthropod Series Book 4 (Nature – Arthropod Series)

For a very short time this book is available for .99c. Normal price is $3.49. Learn about the wonderful world of insects and invertebrates. They can teach us a lot. From them, we can learn about co-operation and team work. About adaptation and survival. About being resourceful. Insects play a very important role in maintaining the natural balance. The following quote from Jonas Salk says it all: “If all the insects were to disappear from…

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