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South Africa: Low Levels of Genetic Diversity Are Putting Great White Sharks At Risk

By Sara Andreotti, Stellenbosch University | 29 November 2015 Despite international protection, great white sharks face several threats. These include reduction of their food supply, pollution, baited hooks and lethal gill nets used as beach protection measures. The cryptic nature of white sharks makes them challenging to study. And it is difficult to protect a species we don’t know much about. But new research has now added another piece of the puzzle towards understanding these […]

Snow Leopards might face extinction due to climate change and other factors

By Raymond Valledor | October 26, 2015 Climate change is now another problem for a particular species of this planet and if left unsolved it might lead to the extinction of the snow leopard. The snow leopard has experienced a decline in number due largely to poaching but according to the World Wildlife Fund climate change is now also a factor in its demise. So far there are around 4,000 of these large cats left in […]

Big animals’ extinction forever alters environment, study shows

By Peter Fimrite | Ocober 27, 2015 Extinctions of large animals — a fate that could soon befallelephants and rhinoceroses — have a cascade effect on local ecosystems, including Northern California, where many smaller animals and plants died off after mammoths were wiped out, a team of scientists has discovered. The size of elephants, wildebeests and other big plant-eaters makes them not only impressive and fascinating but also vital to the many species that live […]

Climate change raises cat threat 

      Warmer temperatures would move feral feline colonies into conservation hotspots, researcher finds. Vulnerable native species may face further risk as climate change makes more of our country hospitable to stray cats, a researcher says. In a new study in the journal Applied Geography, Unitec natural sciences lecturer Dr Glenn Aguilar used species distribution modelling to describe areas highly favourable to stray cats, and then investigated what effects a warmer climate would have. […]

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