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Extinction Means Less Mammal Poop To Fertilize The Earth

By Rebekah Marcarelli | October 26, 2015 New research suggests the loss of mammal poop could mean a more barren Earth. The world relies on the nutrient transfer from animal feces to remain fertile, but new research suggest major species declines and extinctions have put this planetary nutrient recycling system in jeopardy. The weakening of this vital system could have a negative impact on ecosystem health, fisheries, and agriculture, the University of Vermont reported. The […]

A cray-active solution for cancer research

From | November 2, 2015 Scientists at the German Cancer Research Center have discovered a new species which is helping them understand epigenetics: all individuals of the marbled crayfish examined so far have been female. They reproduce by parthenogenesis, the unfertilized ovum develops directly into a new individual, and possess completely identical genetic makeup. Differences between individuals must therefore result from epigenetics. Cancer too can also have epigenetic causes, which makes the marbled crayfish […]

Predator Defenses Backfired: Poisonous Frogs Face Higher Risk Of Extinction, Researchers Say 

By Samantha Mathewson | October 20, 2015 Sometimes, being the most poisonous in the bunch isn’t the best defense, it seems. In order to escape predation, many species have evolved to use special defenses that include camouflaging themselves, mimicking other species or using chemicals. For some amphibians that use toxins to protect themselves, the self-defense plan has backfired. Researchers from the University of Liverpool recently discovered that this predatory defense puts animals such as the […]

Chernobyl’s lesson: Tell it to the birds

By Rupa Sengupta | October 16, 2015 It has flaming orange and blue feathers, a long orange beak and round dark eyes. It’s a thing of beauty, of grace, of plucky unselfconsciousness. Meet the male moustached kingfisher, long dubbed “ghost bird” for rarely, if ever, having been sighted. Sadly, what I’ve described is only an image recently circulating in the media. Reportedly, Christopher Filardi of the American Museum of Natural History captured this rare bird […]

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