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Antarctic ice-burrowing anemone stuns researchers | The Columbus Dispatch

The wispy, luminescent tentacles — hundreds of them — dangled from the ice nearly 900 feet below the surface of the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica. Scientists with the Antarctic Geological Drilling Program’s ANDRILL Coulman High project were there to study ocean currents, not sea life. But there it was, captured by a camera on a remote-control submersible three years ago. Thousands of miles away, Meg Daly, an Ohio State University professor of evolution, ecology […]

Humpback whales could be removed from endangered species list in 2014 : TreeHugger

After being almost hunted to extinction, Humpback whales were added to the U.S. list of endangered species in 1988. Adults can be 40-50 feet long and weigh around 80,000lbs! They are a baleen whale, which means that they filter their food with baleen plates rather than eat it with teeth. North Pacific humpback whales came particularly close to extinction, with an estimated population of just 1,500 before the whaling ban took place. Since then, they […]

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