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Aberrant Ants – Jonathan Wojcik

Critters – Insect Facts Bulldog Ant by Gabriella Martin

Science News Online – When Ants Squeak – Susan Millius

About.com Insects – A brief introduction to all kinds of ants – Debbie Hadley

Pestworld for Kids – Ants

The Ark in Space – Weaver Ants Show Their Teamwork Skills

Little Things Matter – North American Ants

YourWorldLife.org Project – School of Ants


The Field Museum – The Field Revealed: Turtle Ants – 1.49 mins long

NatGeoWild – World’s Deadliest: Army Ants Eat Everything – 2.59 mins long

BBC Wild Life – Ants create a lifeboard in the Amazon Jungle – 2.53 mins long

BBC Wildlife – Ants – Attenborough: Life in the Undergrowth – 3.55 mins long

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