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Hi there.  I would like to thank you for purchasing one of my books in the Book Series.

On this page you will find links to a free gift as a thank you for your purchase.

You are welcome to download as many of these colouring books as you would like.

Colouring in is not just for children, by the way. Click on this link Coloring Pages for Adults to find out how the activity of colouring in helps people of all ages, in so many ways:

I hope you enjoy both my books and the colouring-in activities.  Thanks again.

To download:

Just either click or right click on each link and you will be able to choose where to download your colouring books

Birds1 & Birds2

Creepers1 & Creepers2

Dinos1 & Dinos2

Mammals1 & Mammals2 & Mammals3 & Mammals4

Primates1 & Primates2

Sea1 & Sea2

Trees1 & Trees2  & Trees3

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