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Snow Leopards might face extinction due to climate change and other factors

… 2,500 breeding adults to maintain their species and the effects of climate change has just made it more difficult to keep their number from decreasing further. The warming temperature in the areas where the snow leopard resides has caused most of their habitat unsuitable for their species to thrive in. According to the WWF, climate change caused a ripple effect on the areas where the snow leopard thrives. The increasing temperature in the mountains where snow leopards live has made some areas …

World’s most endangered big cat may be on the rebound 

By Emily J. Gertz, TakePart | September 1, 2015 The number of Amur leopards has more than doubled since hitting a low in 2007, researchers in Russia and China say. An extremely rare spotted cat could be stepping back from the brink of extinction. The Amur leopard appears to have doubled its wild population in the past several years from fewer than 40 adults in 2007 to 80 or more in 2014 and repopulated some of its historic range in China, according to a joint announcement by Russian and …

Northern Bald Ibis, Rare Syrian Bird, Faces Extinction After Palmyra Falls To ISIS

… critical because without this bird, other captive birds cannot be released, raising threats of the species’ extinction in Syria. The northern bald ibis is large, glossy and black, measuring about 30 inches in length, with a wingspan of about 53 inches. According to satellite tagging of 13 Syrian birds in 2006, three adults in the group and a fourth untagged one wintered together from February to July in the highlands of Ethiopia. To continue reading this article, please click on this link: …

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