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Iguana Relative Shows How Lizards Spread Worldwide

By Laura Geggel, Staff Writer | September 1, 2015 An 80-million-year-old lizard discovered in southern Brazil has provided a surprising clue about how these reptiles evolved, and where they once lived, according to a new study. Until now, researchers had found acrodontans only in the Old World, including Africa and Asia. (This is a type of lizard is called an iguanian that has teeth fused to the top of its jaws, a group that includes chameleons and bearded dragons.) But the newfound fossil, a …

A New Study Reports 99 Percent of Sea Bird Species Could Be Eating Plastic by 2050 – CityLab

… out into the ocean from urban rivers, sewers, and waste deposits. Birds mistake the brightly colored items for food or swallow them by accident, causing gut impaction, weight loss, and sometimes death. According to the study, plastics will have the greatest impact on wildlife that gather in the Southern Ocean in a band around the southern edges of Australia, South Africa and South America. These areas are home to widely diverse species. While the infamous garbage patches in the middle of the …

Megalodon shark tooth discovered in Croatia

… today’s great white sharks. They likely feasted on cetaceans and large whales. Fossilised remains have been found across the world, with specimens excavated from many parts of Europe, Africa, north and South America and Asia. There are several theories as to why megalodons went extinct. Ocean cooling may have affected the species, which preferred to live in warmer waters. A declining food supply is also suggested to be a main culprit in their demise. To continue reading this article, …

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