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Discovery of Giant Wasp Opens Window to Ancient Forests

… poplar). Furthermore, the discovery of Y.Orthosemos indicates to researchers which types of animals and plants can coexist when the climate is slightly warmer. The ancient forest the wasp inhabited grew during a period of Earth’s history when a large portion of the globe was experiencing tropical heat. With the significant elevation of this area of British Columbia, the McAbee forest would have had a climate much like modern-day Vancouver, temperatures preferable to wasps. This means the …

Woolly mammoth skin’s living cells could help bring the beast back to life 

… Islands were ‘the centre of the mammoth continent’ at the time. He said:  ‘One of the world’s greatest concentrations of mammoth remains is here, so we deliberately chose this area to carry out the research.’ To continue reading this article, please click on the link below: Source: Woolly mammoth skin’s living cells could help bring the beast back to life | Daily Mail Online …

Otago geologists find new whale species | Radio New Zealand News

From www.radionz.co.nz | September 13, 2015 Fossil discoveries by University of Otago palaeontology researchers have helped fill an important gap in the evolution of baleen whales. In the 1990s, Otago geologists found the fossils in the South Island’s Waitaki River area, and a study about them has just been published in two science journals. One of the lead researchers, Ewan Fordyce, said the fossils show two previously unknown species of filter-feeding baleen whales that lived 25 to 30 …

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