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Snow Leopards might face extinction due to climate change and other factors

… 2,500 breeding adults to maintain their species and the effects of climate change has just made it more difficult to keep their number from decreasing further. The warming temperature in the areas where the snow leopard resides has caused most of their habitat unsuitable for their species to thrive in. According to the WWF, climate change caused a ripple effect on the areas where the snow leopard thrives. The increasing temperature in the mountains where snow leopards live has made some areas …

Extinction Means Less Mammal Poop To Fertilize The Earth

… fecal matter that fertilizes naturally barren areas. The loss of these fertilized ecosystems could in turn hurt humans. The researchers pointed out that restoring whale populations could increase the ocean’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide and help reduce global warming. To continue reading this article, please click on the link below: Source: Extinction Means Less Mammal Poop To Fertilize The Earth : Science : Headlines & Global News …

Climate change raises cat threat 

      Warmer temperatures would move feral feline colonies into conservation hotspots, researcher finds. Vulnerable native species may face further risk as climate change makes more of our country hospitable to stray cats, a researcher says. In a new study in the journal Applied Geography, Unitec natural sciences lecturer Dr Glenn Aguilar used species distribution modelling to describe areas highly favourable to stray cats, and then investigated what effects a warmer climate …

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