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Careless Handling Damages London’s Priceless Dinosaur Fossils

… needed repair after its caudal vertebrae detached, while the skull of a bison ­priscus was ­broken “due to poor ­handling” while being moved to a different location inside the museum. Insect displays were smashed in transit while being loaned out during touring exhibitis, some beyond repair. Skeletons of endangered species were also damaged by visitors, including tusks that were broken off a babirusa, a pig-deer found on just four Indonesian islands, by children playing around the …

Children march for the animals affected by East West Link | Green Left Weekly

This protest was based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It’s good to see that people are speaking up on behalf of those who do not have a voice.   Protesters were more imaginative than usual with slogans for the children’s March for the Animals to Melbourne Zoo on May 4. They were protesting against the $8 billion road project known as the East West Link because of the impact it would have on animals that live at the zoo. Placards read: “Tollway noise — I can’t BEAR …

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