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Invasive Moth Species Found in Napa Valley Vineyards | NBC Bay Area

… vineyard owners time and money. The Napa county Agricultural Commissioner’s Office is asking growers and gardeners to keep their eyes out for the caterpillar stages of the invasive species. “We do not want this pest to become established in Napa county,” Agricultural Commissioner Greg Clark said in a news release. The Agricultural Commissioner’s Office has set up traps hoping to catch the bugs before they rapidly spread. Source: Invasive Moth Species Found in Napa Valley Vineyards | NBC …

L.A.’s Back-Yard Entomologists

By Nicola Twilley | July 7, 2015 It started with a bet. In 2013, Brian Brown, the curator of entomology at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles county, told one of the museum’s trustees that he could find a new species of insect practically anywhere he looked. Her cynical response was, “Can you find one in my back yard?” Brown accepted the challenge, setting up a large, tent-like Malaise trap—named not for the emotion on which certain bugs seem to thrive but for the Swede who …

All Animals Have Rights: A Researcher’s Perspective | WIRED

… mammals deserve the care and consideration we give humans. The advanced neurological architecture and cognitive function of these creatures proves their intellect, but I can see no reason for not extending equal rights to all animals. This ethic emphasizes an individual’s right to maintain its natural ecological and evolutionary niche. Aldo Leopold stated this eloquently in his 1948 book “A Sand county Almanac,” writing “a thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, …

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