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First Hibernating Primate Found Outside Madagascar : Discovery News

… typically weighing about 1 pound. The nocturnal creature lives in trees and, unlike other primates, it can’t leap. Its diet includes tree gum, insects, and fruit. The scientists studied the animal’s body temperature in the fall, winter and spring in Vietnam. They found that the creature engaged in episodes of hibernation between December and February that lasted up to 63 hours each. The researchers suspect both an internal clock mechanism that kicks in during seasons of food scarcity …

Strange New Bat Species Found in Museum Pickle Jar

… its discoverer. In the course of their research, the scientists also found several representatives of the species elsewhere in the wilds of southeast Asia, such as in Indonesia. Like other horseshoe bats, this newfound creature has a large structure on its face that is shaped somewhat like a horseshoe and is used to collect and focus sound. Like other bats, Francis’ bats echolocate, bouncing sounds beams off of objects to find their way around. Horseshoe bats are particularly well-adapted to …

Chernobyl’s lesson: Tell it to the birds

… Islands and had it photographed. The scientist and his team then decided to “collect” — read bump off — the very phantom creature it took him roughly two decades to find. A controversy has raged since. Ecologists have decried the killing as heartless and wanton, one claiming that it “sets a horrific precedent for future research”. In response, Filardi has been quoted justifying the action on two grounds. One, collecting specimens is “standard practice for field biologists”. Two, …

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