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Discovery of Giant Wasp Opens Window to Ancient Forests

… eventually causes the tree to die. The discovery has given researchers insight into the modern world and how it began coming together after the dinosaurs became extinct. Many of the trees and plants today’s horntail wood-wasps enjoy were also favored by the old wasp and have been found as fossils in the same forest as the ancient horntails; including trees (hemlock, fir, spruce, pine, spruce, sequoia, hemlock, and cedar) and flowering plants (beech, maple, elm, ash, hickory, ash, elm and …

Jurassic bark : Nature Plants

… dinosaurs. This is no new idea in fiction dating back to Arthur Conan Doyle and Jules Verne, but serious scientific attempts are now being made to bring back species from beyond extinction. In 2009 scientists used cloning to produce an individual of an extinct species, the Pyrenean ibex. The procedure used tissue cultures originating from the last surviving individual prior to its death in 2000 (a far cry from mosquitoes preserved in amber) and the clone only lived for seven minutes due to a …

Why eco-socialism is the only option | Green Left Weekly

… events, the last one wiping out the dinosaurs. This sixth mass extinction event is caused by human activity, and humans may well be one of the species to become extinct. Human activity is causing extinction in several ways. Some species are threatened by over-hunting and over-fishing. Greater damage is caused by habitat destruction by everything from agricultural monoculture to suburban development. Greater yet is the damage being done to the Earth through large scale tampering with the physical …

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