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Discovery of Giant Wasp Opens Window to Ancient Forests

… poplar). Furthermore, the discovery of Y.Orthosemos indicates to researchers which types of animals and plants can coexist when the climate is slightly warmer. The ancient forest the wasp inhabited grew during a period of Earth’s history when a large portion of the globe was experiencing tropical heat. With the significant elevation of this area of British Columbia, the McAbee forest would have had a climate much like modern-day Vancouver, temperatures preferable to wasps. This means the …

Fossil Confirms Tropical Climate in North America

… across the surface of water over short distances. Based on the fossil record it has previously been suggested that at some point, around 50 million years ago, mid and even high latitudes were characterised by tropical climate but as the weather started cooling down, these heat and humidity loving species moved south. According to Conrad, any evidence of these developments can be useful for the future as it may, he says, “give us an idea of what to expect from our dynamic Earth”, especially …

Did dark matter cause mass extinctions? Asteroids, volcanoes, and the end of the dinosaurs and trilobites.

… particles that make up 85 percent of all the mass in the cosmos. We know there’s a lot of dark matter in the Milky Way, and it’s possible dark matter isn’t evenly distributed but occurs in dense clumps. Maybe our solar system passes through clumps of it periodically. If those clumps are dense enough to wreak havoc, they could knock comets loose and cause collisions, maybe, or heat Earth’s interior and cause massive volcanic eruptions, or somehow set loose all sorts of other …

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