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The coywolves of Albemarle County: A new species that calls the area home

… that has recently arrived in Virginia—the coywolf. Also called the eastern coyote, the coywolf is a hybrid of western coyotes and eastern timber wolves, and it may represent an entirely new species. For most of human history, wolves have been feared and hated. They ate livestock and occasionally attacked humans. Virginia’s first government bounty on wolves was enacted at Jamestown in 1632. As settlers moved west, the slaughter accompanied them across the continent and bounties continued to …

Discovery of Giant Wasp Opens Window to Ancient Forests

… poplar). Furthermore, the discovery of Y.Orthosemos indicates to researchers which types of animals and plants can coexist when the climate is slightly warmer. The ancient forest the wasp inhabited grew during a period of Earth’s history when a large portion of the globe was experiencing tropical heat. With the significant elevation of this area of British Columbia, the McAbee forest would have had a climate much like modern-day Vancouver, temperatures preferable to wasps. This means the …

The secrets of Russia’s Sea of Okhotsk – nearly 500 species discovered 

… similarity between species of deep-water fauna in the southeastern part of the Kuril Basin and that of the adjacent Pacific Ocean. “This is amazing because Pacific Ocean fauna is ancient, evolving in the course of millions of years,” explained Malyutina. “The Far Eastern deep-water basins are relatively young and have a complex geological history, with periods of glaciation and complete isolation.” Research was made at a depth of 3,500-6,000 meters, where there is no …

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