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Experts: African penguin could be extinct by 2024 – Headlines, features, photo and videos from ecns.cn|china|news|chinanews|ecns|cns

… years if we don’t put adequate conservation measures in place to arrest the decline. As an aspect of the eco-system these African Penguins play an incredibly important role. And as conservation managers we need to ensure their survival.” “We take it very seriously that we have a species on our doorstep that is approaching extinction. So we’ll do whatever it takes. We protect the birds at times when the environment gets extreme high heat or cold weather. Obviously we have …

From the Frontline: Saving Australia’s Threatened Mammals

… the conservation of Australia’s biodiversity than any other single action”. But until we find a solution for controlling predators, we have to use more immediate measures. Feral cats are the greatest threat to Australian mammals – and a major reason reintroductions fail. Islands and fenced reserves — havens free from introduced predators — will play an important role in stemming the seemingly unstoppable flow of Australian mammal extinctions, according to the latest action plan for …

Climate Change Could Wipe Out the World’s Smallest Kangaroo [Video] | Extinction Countdown, Scientific American Blog Network

… University of New South Wales, the miniscule kangaroos adapted to their current habitat millions of years ago and may be unable to adjust to changing conditions. “We must carefully monitor the tropical rainforest because if climate change does affect it, the musky rat-kangaroo, and possibly other species, will have nowhere else to go,” Kenny Travouillon from the U.Q.’s School of Earth Sciences said last week in a press release. He pointed out the fruit-eating mini roo’s important role in …

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