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South Africa: Low Levels of Genetic Diversity Are Putting Great White Sharks At Risk

… easier it is for a species to survive diseases or unexpected changes in the environment. Among genetically different individuals there will always be those able to adapt and contribute to the next generation. A different scenario emerges when all the individuals share the same genetic information since depression by inbreeding and the loss of ability to adjust to environmental changes can quickly lead a species to extinction. To continue reading this article, please click on the link below: …

A cray-active solution for cancer research

From medicalxpress.com | November 2, 2015 Scientists at the German Cancer Research Center have discovered a new species which is helping them understand epigenetics: all individuals of the marbled crayfish examined so far have been female. They reproduce by parthenogenesis, the unfertilized ovum develops directly into a new individual, and possess completely identical genetic makeup. Differences between individuals must therefore result from epigenetics. Cancer too can also have epigenetic …

We’re in the middle of the world’s sixth mass extinction event — and may not be able to stop it | Public Radio International

By T.J. Raphael | June 26, 2015 A new head-spinning research paper published this month in the journal Science Advances finds that a mass extinction is underway — the sixth of its kind in Earth’s 4.5 billion year history. Since the year 1900, 69 mammal species are believed to have gone extinct, along with about 400 other types of vertebrates, and the rate at which this is taking place is alarming scientists. “The evidence is incontrovertible that recent extinction rates are …

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