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South Africa: Low Levels of Genetic Diversity Are Putting Great White Sharks At Risk

… easier it is for a species to survive diseases or unexpected changes in the environment. Among genetically different individuals there will always be those able to adapt and contribute to the next generation. A different scenario emerges when all the individuals share the same genetic information since depression by inbreeding and the loss of ability to adjust to environmental changes can quickly lead a species to extinction. To continue reading this article, please click on the link below: …

Genome Study Brings Woolly Mammoth DNA Back From the Dead / Sputnik International

From sputniknews.com | July 4th, 2015 A study found the genetic adaptations which allowed woolly mammoths to endure severe Arctic conditions, raising the prospect that the animals could one day be resurrected. A study which sequenced and compared the DNA of Asian elephants and woolly mammoths has identified the traits that allowed the extinct species to survive extreme temperatures, a finding which also raises the prospect that the genetic information could one day be used to bring the …

Oil and gas officials scramble after feds weigh new species protections | Fox News

… Collette Adkins, a lawyer and biologist with the Center for Biological Diversity, said in a statement. “Without Endangered Species Act protection, we’re likely to lose these rare turtles, toads and salamanders forever.” In its own statement, the USFWS said, “The findings do not mean that the Service has decided to grant federal protections to these species. Rather, the findings trigger a more thorough review of all the biological information available for the …

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