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Northern Bald Ibis, Rare Syrian Bird, Faces Extinction After Palmyra Falls To ISIS

… when their guards fled Palmyra after ISIS seized the city, BBC reported. Officials have offered a reward of $1,000 for information about the whereabouts of a fourth bird, called Zenobia, as it is the only bird that knows the species’ migration route to Ethiopia. “Culture and nature they go hand in hand, and war stops, but nobody can bring back a species from extinction,” Asaad Serhal, head of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon, told BBC, adding that finding Zenobia is …

A New Tool for Conservation Genetics: Seal Placentas

… animals are so rare they’re hard to find in the wild, or the only evidence is hair or feces that may not contain a lot of DNA. Other times collecting a blood or tissue sample for DNA analysis can be dangerous, either to the researcher or the animal. After all, nobody likes to be tranquilized and then poked with a sharp needle. So, how can conservationists collect DNA samples that will provide maximum information with the least amount of risk to the animals they’re studying? One word: …

Butterfly on the brink of extinction is fighting back at last | Customs Today Newspaper

… butterflies. In the UK there are 58 main types of butterfly. Additional information from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology suggests that British butterflies have seen their highest numbers in ten years. The key factor was the unusual weather pattern seen in 2014, where northern Europe experienced an atypical warm and wet spring. via Butterfly on the brink of extinction is fighting back at last | Customs Today Newspaper. …

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