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The secrets of Russia’s Sea of Okhotsk – nearly 500 species discovered 

… similarity between species of deep-water fauna in the southeastern part of the Kuril Basin and that of the adjacent Pacific Ocean. “This is amazing because Pacific Ocean fauna is ancient, evolving in the course of millions of years,” explained Malyutina. “The Far Eastern deep-water basins are relatively young and have a complex geological history, with periods of glaciation and complete isolation.” Research was made at a depth of 3,500-6,000 meters, where there is no …

Rare ‘Living Fossil’ Nautilus Spotted For The First Time In 30 Years

… and his colleagues baited a stick with fish and chicken meat and suspended it between 150 meters and 396 meters below the water surface. They had also set a camera to film the activity. Why is nautilus called a ‘living fossil’? Eventually, two species of nautilus showed up until a hungry shellfish started bullying them away from the food. Scientists kept the creatures in chilled water while bringing them to the surface for study. That was necessary because nautilus is very sensitive …

Creepy but Gorgeous New Species in L.A.’s Backyards | L.A. Weekly

I encourage you to read the full article by clicking on the link below. This article documents the macabre behaviour of insects that live closer to you than you may care to think.  By Erin Behan | April 8, 2015 To the layperson, a fly is just a fly. But to a scientist with a microscope, it’s a coffin fly that can dig two meters to find decaying flesh in which to lay its eggs so that its offspring can feed on the putrid tissue. It prefers lean over fatty. It is literally found in …

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