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A cray-active solution for cancer research

… new environmental conditions such as diet, population density or temperature. “Epigenetic factors may also influence cancer risk and play a role in the clinical development of the disease,” says Lyko. For example, colleagues at DKFZ have recently shown that epigenetics plays a major role in medulloblastoma, an aggressive brain tumour in children (DKFZ PM Nr. 30/2014). Lyko explains that, “in order to understand the basics of epigenetics, we need models. The usual mouse and rat …

Seal pups recognise their mothers’ voices and differentiate in Antarctic colonies | Daily Mail Online

By Victoria Woollaston for MailOnline | September 3, 2015 Seal pups recognise their mothers’ voices: Infants can differentiate between hundreds of other adult females in Antarctic colonies During lactation seals alternate their time feeding with foraging for food On their return, the mothers need to find their lone pups on the shoreline Seal pups listen out and identify their mother’s vocal pitch from a distance They then use other components of the vocal signature to confirm …

A New Study Reports 99 Percent of Sea Bird Species Could Be Eating Plastic by 2050 – CityLab

… Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation and elsewhere. Though it shouldn’t need to be said, plastic contains no nutritional value. Yet birds today are inhaling more of it than ever before. In the 1960s, plastic was present in the guts of about 5 percent of sea birds; by 2010, it was in 80 percent of them. Here’s more from UC Santa Barbara, which collaborated on the study: The researchers found that nearly 60 percent of all seabird species, including albatrosses, shearwaters, and …

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