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Extinction Means Less Mammal Poop To Fertilize The Earth

… the capacity for land animals to carry nutrients away from “hotspots” has fallen to eight percent of what it was at the end of the last ice age. The capacity of whales, and other marine mammals to carry nutrients such as phosphorous from the deep sea to more shallow waters has been reduced by about 75 percent. In the past animals were not believed to be vital for nutrient transfer, but this new research demonstrates the animals are crucial for the “distribution pump” of …

Cushion plants harbour tiny mountain worlds inside

… domes too. Within each cushion plant’s structure is a totally different world – a sheltered microcosm with moderate temperatures, higher moisture and good soil. “They form a shape that can be compared to a turtle,” says Fabien Anthelme of the French Institute for Development Research based in La Paz, Bolivia, who studies alpine plants. “It allows them to develop their own microenvironment, which is moist, warm and rich in nutrients.” Working in the Altai …

Spiky monsters: New species of ‘super-armored’ worm discovered

From phys.org | June 29, 2015   A new species of ‘super-armoured’ worm, a bizarre, spike-covered creature which ate by filtering nutrients out of seawater with its feather-like front legs, has been identified by palaeontologists. The creature, which lived about half a billion years ago, was one of the first animals on Earth to develop armour to protect itself from predators and to use such a specialised mode of feeding. The creature, belonging to a poorly understood group of …

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