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Woolly mammoth skin’s living cells could help bring the beast back to life 

By Will Stewart in Moscow for Mail online | October 9, 2015 Woolly mammoth skin could finally help bring the beasts back to life: Scientists attempt to extract living cells from 10,000-year-old frozen tissue The woolly mammoth skin was discovered on the Lyakhovsky Islands Researchers are examining it for signs of living cells in cloning laboratory They hope it may help them in a project to resurrect the extinct animals The skin of a woolly mammoth preserved in the Siberian permafrost for …

Desmatochelys padillai: Paleontologists Find Oldest Known Species of Sea Turtle | Paleontology | Sci-News.com

… Wikipedia is no longer up to date. We described a fossil sea turtle from Colombia that is about 10 million years older,” Dr Cadena said. “The turtle described by us as Desmatochelys padillai originates from Cretaceous sediments and is at least 120 million years old.” The partial skeleton of Desmatochelys padillai, with a length of nearly 6.5 feet (2 m), shows all of the characteristic traits of modern marine turtles, the paleontologists report online today in the journal PaleoBios. To …

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