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Fossils suggest animals and not a meteorite wiped out planet’s first ‘Ediacarans’ microbes | Daily Mail Online

By Ellie Zolfagharifard for DailyMail.com | September 3, 2015 Did critters cause Earth’s first mass extinction? Fossils suggest animals and not a meteorite wiped out planet’s first microbes Earth’s first ever mass extinction event took place 540 million years ago This is when Ediacarans – immobile, tube-like creatures – were wiped out Some evolved into animals such as, mollusks, anthropoids and jellyfish It was these hungry creatures that killed off early Ediacarans, …

Study Maps What Mammal World Would Be Like Without Humans 

By James Eng | August 24, 2015 If it weren’t for the presence of humans, elephants and rhinos would likely be roaming across Europe today, and North and South America would also be flush with a variety big mammals. That’s the conclusion of a study that projects what a world map of mammals would look like if Homo sapiens had never existed. The researchers say that much of the world would resemble the Serengeti of Africa, virtually the last place on Earth that’s home to a high …

The role of species competition in biodiversity

… diversification dynamics as increases in size predispose the development of hypercarnivory behaviors and selective feeding. These adaptive constraints place canids in danger of extinction by restricting their possible sources of food. Via a Bayesian analytic framework, the researchers have determined that the two extinct subfamilies that form the basis of their study were ultimately wiped out by the competitive effects of other carnivore clades, previously considered a rare occurrence, but …

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