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Big animals’ extinction forever alters environment, study shows

By Peter Fimrite | Ocober 27, 2015 Extinctions of large animals — a fate that could soon befallelephants and rhinoceroses — have a cascade effect on local ecosystems, including Northern California, where many smaller animals and plants died off after mammoths were wiped out, a team of scientists has discovered. The size of elephants, wildebeests and other big plant-eaters makes them not only impressive and fascinating but also vital to the many species that live with and depend on …

Smithsonian Science News –Meet the (flea) beetles! New species

By John Barrat | September 3, 2015 Nausea, vomiting and weakness are but a few of the symptoms one might anticipate after eating leaves from the Taiwanese shrub Erycibe henryi. This wild plant produces powerful toxins as a self-defense against herbaceous insects and other creatures that might otherwise feast upon its leaves. Yet one tiny flea beetle has outwitted this poisonous shrub. Meet Burumoseria yuae; it lives and feeds exclusively on E. henryi, gnawing large holes in its toxic leaves. The …

Scientists rush to freeze plant DNA before ‘sixth extinction’ – BBC News

By Jane O’Brien, BBC News, Washington | July 9, 2015 As the world enters into a sixth great extinction, scientists are racing against the clock to save genetic evidence from plants around the world. An ambitious project launched Wednesday to collect the genomes of the planet’s major plant groups within the next two years and put them into deep freeze. The project is part of the Global Genome Initiative, which aims to gather and preserve the DNA of all life on Earth in cryo-storage …

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