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Farmers hold key to survival of threatened bird species, says RSPB 

By WMNPBowern | Ocober 29, 2015 Farmers hold the key to saving the Westcountry’s most threatened bird species, Britain’s biggest conservation charity said today. The RSPB said farmers had stepped in before to make special efforts to ensure the survival of at-risk birds – and they could do so again. The charity’s spokesman in the South West, Tony Whitehead, was responding to a report from the government into the state of farmland birds – and to international research into UK species at …

A cray-active solution for cancer research

… new environmental conditions such as diet, population density or temperature. “Epigenetic factors may also influence cancer risk and play a role in the clinical development of the disease,” says Lyko. For example, colleagues at DKFZ have recently shown that epigenetics plays a major role in medulloblastoma, an aggressive brain tumour in children (DKFZ PM Nr. 30/2014). Lyko explains that, “in order to understand the basics of epigenetics, we need models. The usual mouse and rat …

Predator Defenses Backfired: Poisonous Frogs Face Higher Risk Of Extinction, Researchers Say 

… as the iconic poison-dart frogs at a higher risk of extinction. For their study, a team of researchers examined how the rate of amphibian extinction and speciation (the formation of new species) varied based on the use of different defensive measures. While those animals that produced poisonous chemicals as a predatory defense had a high rate of speciation, populations also exhibited a greater rate of extinction, researchers concluded. Ultimately, this leads to a net reduction in species …

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