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Otago geologists find new whale species | Radio New Zealand News

From www.radionz.co.nz | September 13, 2015 Fossil discoveries by University of Otago palaeontology researchers have helped fill an important gap in the evolution of baleen whales. In the 1990s, Otago geologists found the fossils in the South Island’s Waitaki River area, and a study about them has just been published in two Science journals. One of the lead researchers, Ewan Fordyce, said the fossils show two previously unknown species of filter-feeding baleen whales that lived 25 to 30 …

New butterfly species found in forests of Arunachal | Zee News

… research paper by Dr Krushnamegh Kunte, a research scientist and faculty member at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bengaluru. A new butterfly species called the Bright-eyed Argus (Callerebia Dibangensis) was last discovered in Arunachal Pradesh a few years ago. The discovery of the Banded Tit raises the possibility that many more species that are new to Science still remain to be discovered in the remote mountain ranges and forests of the state and in the North East India as …

L.A.’s Back-Yard Entomologists

… invented it—in the trustee’s Brentwood garden. After a few weeks, he brought his haul back to the museum, where he began by examining the phorids, a large family of tiny, humpbacked flies that he has spent much of his career studying. The very first one that Brown put under a microscope turned out to be previously unknown to Science. Flushed with such an easy victory, Brown persuaded the museum to launch a three-year research initiative called Biodiversity Science: City and Nature (BioSCAN). …

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