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Eastern Cougar Declared Extinct, Removed From List Of U.S. Endangered Species

From www.inquisitr.com | June 18, 2015 Known as the “Ghost Cat” across North America, the Eastern Cougar has been rumored to hunt in various areas across the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, the Eastern Cougar been elusive to researchers since the 1930’s when the last photo of the cat was taken. Its similarity in looks to other cougars and pumas are thought to be the reasoning behind the sightings. However, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has made the move to officially declare …

Endangered Vaquita Facing Extinction Due To Chinese Demand For Totoaba Bladders

… can reportedly fetch tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Chinese market. Only 97 vaquita are believed to remain in the wild, and experts believe the species will be extinct by 2018 unless drastic steps are taken urgently. According to Greenpeace, the only way to save the species from extinction is to curb the illegal trade in totoaba. While the trade is illegal in both Mexico and the United States, undercover Greenpeace activists claimed to have found numerous shops in Hong Kong …

Russia ‘could face fines’ if extinction of sturgeons continues | Undercurrent News

From www.UnderCurrentNews.com | May 25, 2015 A former criminal investigator at the Russian Investigative Committee has said Russia will face international condemnation and multi-million dollar fines if no action is taken by authorities to halt the extinction of the sturgeon, reports Sputnik News. The Ramsar Convention is an international environmental treaty signed by 168 States, including Russia, to, among other key points, conserve species and sustain wetlands. “Unfortunately, local …

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