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Big or small, cats find themselves in the line of fire | The National

… arrow by American dentist Dr Walter Palmer, and suffered for 40 hours before being finished off, beheaded and skinned. In Australia, the government has announced a “war on cats”. Up to two million feral cats will be culled by 2020 because they are a threat to small mammals and birds. The authorities said the “humane and effective” culls would “involve baiting, shooting or poisoning feral cats”. To continue reading this article, please click on the link below: Source: Big or small, …

Plan to save at-risk species called a high priority by Iranian official

By Radio Zamaneh | August 24, 2015 Plan to save at-risk species called a high priority by Iranian official Seventy-six animal species including mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish are under threat of extinction, according to Iran’s Department of the Environment.  The department’s director of Biodiversity and Wildlife told ISNA on Sunday August 23 that 30 of those species are now high priority and “an action plan to save them has been prepared or is under preparation”. …

Current strategies not doing enough to protect endangered species, conservationists say – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

… loss from practices such as mining or logging was the biggest threat. Samantha Vine from BirdLife Australia told the ABC the scale of the threat was not reflected through the Government’s policies. “We looked at the recovery plans that have been drafted for our most endangered animals,” she said. “Of those plans, despite the fact that the vast majority of them listed habitat loss as significant threat, only 10 per cent had placed any prescriptive limits on the future loss …

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