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To avoid interbreeding, monkeys have undergone evolution in facial appearance | e! Science News

Old World monkeys have undergone a remarkable evolution in facial appearance as a way of avoiding interbreeding with closely related and geographically proximate species, researchers from New York University and the University of Exeter have found. Their research provides the best evidence to date for the role of visual cues as a barrier to breeding across species. “Evolution produces adaptations that help animals thrive in a particular environment, and over time these adaptations lead to …

Rare African Wasp Has Wings That Fold Like Origami

Scientists have discovered several new species of threatened wasps in Sub-Saharan Africa that are the first known insects to fold the forewings transversely. Only a few other insects—mainly some earwigs, cockroaches, and beetles—are capable of folding their hind wings transversely—along a line between the front and back wing margin—as opposed to longitudinal folding, which occurs along a line from the wing base to the wing tip, says Andy Deans, associate professor of entomology at Penn …

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