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First Hibernating Primate Found Outside Madagascar : Discovery News

… typically weighing about 1 pound. The nocturnal creature lives in trees and, unlike other primates, it can’t leap. Its diet includes tree gum, insects, and fruit. The scientists studied the animal’s body temperature in the fall, winter and spring in Vietnam. They found that the creature engaged in episodes of hibernation between December and February that lasted up to 63 hours each. The researchers suspect both an internal clock mechanism that kicks in during seasons of food scarcity …

The coywolves of Albemarle County: A new species that calls the area home

By Jackson Landers | December 2, 2015 A lone, gray pickup truck with its headlights off rolls along the gravel road in the pale light of a full moon. The truck stops along a tree line in front of a long, broad field and two camouflaged men get out. They close the doors slowly so as to not make any noise. The men sling their rifles over their shoulders and whisper about where to begin. Down past the woods? Over at the neighboring farm? A long, chilling howl erupts from the woods across the …

Discovery of Giant Wasp Opens Window to Ancient Forests

… centimeters) long, is its name – Ypresiosirex orthosemos Most hikers would be fairly alarmed to come across a giant wasp, but the ancient species is only slightly larger than its modern cousins according to Archibald. Today’s horntail wood-wasp is considered a significant pest in forests, the young wasps tunnel through tress causing a fungus to grow which they then eat. The fungus produces poisons, while the wasp emits a secretion which weakens the immune system of the tree. This combination …

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